Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fellowship In Pastor Lim HOUSE

Wow, this is my first time visit Pastor Lim new house in Shah Alam. Before this, she was living in Klang. It looks so luxury and trendy. I like the way they designed it.

First thing i  saw when i stepped into the house is this outdoor jacuzzi. It was surround by the fish pond. So cool. You can enjoy the water together with the fish. Haha.

As a designer, we need to have strong observation. My eyes is like a laser scanner, it bring my view to this special design clock. So creative. I like it. It is quite big as well.

The next coolest thing is the fish pond was built into the house, so you can see it under the living room. When i walk on top, i have a special feeling of will i fall down?? Haha.

I discovered some painting in the house, this is the best piece for me. So i captured the picture. Nice painting.

Thanks God brought me to Pastor Lim's house. I get inspired and i get discovered many things. One of it is i found out there is another person that is good in art, that is Yi Jun.

In the future, she can design something for the fellowship like what i did last time to serve God. She can draw portrait and colouring very well. I wanna learn from her already. Haha.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Learning Day

Hmm, i learned how to do something like this in this morning. All this is about how well are you in using the Ps tools.

Once you know the tools well, you can do it easy, and it save time as well. It is very interesting of editing many photos.

But for me, i still need some time to get it done. Most important is need more practice on in, and look more on expert's artwork.

Well, we have overtime again on today Com Skills class. But i still prefer stay in the class to get more knowledge for advertising. That is really useful for our future in advertising industry.

No matter how is it, i am going to let God to bring me. =)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Museum Movie

Today we are actually having a whole of class, but unfortunately both of the class are cancel. 

The afternoon class was announced cancel on last friday. But the morning class was announced in the morning when we reach there... I think the lecturer should have tell us early and not last minute.

But nevermind, lucky i get informed from Li Hua. I brought some assignment along to college, so that i can do something over there although there are no lesson. 

after we draw some portrait in class and share some idea of how to draw a right proportional portrait, haha, someone suggest to go to watch Night At The Musuem 2.

Then we move on to Sunway Pyramid to buy "long tickets" and have McD as lunch.

The movie was really funny and interesting. I was laugh from the beginning of the movie until its end. Haha.

Besides that, thanks God healing me from sick. Yesterday i really strengthness and just lying on the bed for whole day. During the night i feel much better.

Or else, today i wont be so active for the whole day. =)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally Comes Photoshop

Yeah, so happy to learn Photoshop in 2nd semester. 

Honestly i din't touch Ps before. I don't even know how to use it. After 3 hours of study and practce, i know few tools that is quite important. 

These tools is for cut the particular shape out and paste it in another space. How interesting is it. People usually use it to edit their photo and make is look more realistic although it is after edit.

I think at this beginning stage it is quite easy for me to learn, i am afraid that later it will be tougher. 

But i believe God will be in front of me and lead me on the darkness way, because He is the light.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Study The Human Action

This the most interesting part of figure studies, thats what i think about. Because i can learn about the curve line of the body. 

The curve line means i have feel how it turn, how is the pose done by the model. Simple few line can represent the entire movement of the human, how awsome is it. Haha.

No need to draw in detail, people can guess what is the human doing. But i am stil a beginner, haven't reach the standard to draw a interesting movement of a human.

What i have to do is draw more, the more i draw, the more i will improve in the end. This is what lecturer garanty for us. I think he is right, because throughout the process, we learn to observe.

Therefore, we will observe the detail part if we practice more.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rewards On First Week

I have an early class on today... After the history class, i went to Pyramid to watch this movie with my best friend Jerrica. 

This movie was so interesting, it was full of curiosity. Its like a treasure hunt, the characters in the movies have to find out the clue or hints to get to the location.

It was fun to look at this kind of movies because it won't make you feel boring about it.

Before the movie, I get this gift from Jerrica. Thanks her so much for it. She get 1 set of the signature by the 3 drives in BMW Sauber Petronas team for me. There is my name on it too. So happy. =)

I am so lucky to get this because it is like limited edition for me. Not everyone got this chance to get it. 

After that, still before the movie, haha, Jerrica introduce this cinnamon rolls to me. We bought 2 of it which is the chocolate and classic flavour and we shared the flavour.

The chocolate was not bad but the classic one was more original because i can taste the buns. Nice one.

After whole day of activities, i still felt energetic. Haha. Thanks God gave me the strength to continue my work...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tea Time In Sushi King

Today we have a class for design 2. But Lec, Lily told us the lesson will be finish early because today is the introduction only.

So the class finished at 3pm. It is still early, so we find somewhere to hang around, after that we have decided to eat something since some of us were hungry.

When we were inside Pyramid we have no idea where to eat, someone suggest Sushi King, then we agree and enter Sushi King.

We ate as many as the picture. Peggy and Daniel have order another Ramen to themselves because only the sushi itself is not enough.

Haha. What a special tea break in Sushi King...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Holiday Workout

John Cena, currently i am not able to draw a nice musculer body.

Rihanna, same as the top one, can't get the good proportion of a nice body movement.

During the break of semester, i have couple of weeks so do my figure studies. Last sem i studied how to draw a nice proportion of a human. 

Thoughout so many weeks of practice, finally i get to draw a good proportion of a human.

I am happy that today i am going to learn something new which is the body anatomy. I am so excited about it. Haha, because i am going to discover new stuff.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Romantic Moment

During the night, after my fellowship in church, i went out and i look up to the sky, i saw a bright and rounded moon. 

Wow, the moon is so attracting and charming, i can imagine how good if people can share this with their loves one. That is so romantic. For example just stand on the balcony and looking up to the moon. 

It is rare to see a bright and round moon hanging in the skk and the light bright up the ground. 

Haha. What a romantic moment...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Result Day ! Yeah ! Happie !

Finally the result day has arrived. Actually it should be on tomorrow, but someone infrom me it was on today, okay nevermind, then i will go back on today.

I went back on today morning. and meet daniel, peggy and li hui in college. Before that we went for the result, li hui brought us to petrol station to fill in her car's petrol which has already reach E.

After that, we were so lucky because we found a parking behind the college which is so near to college, so that we don't have to park inside sunway pyramid, that is so far man!

At first, i scare i am going to fail some subject, but i was so happy that i din't fail any of it. I felt satisfied for my result. I get 2 A, 5 B  and 1 C.

I was expecting my figure studies is going to get A, but i only get B for it. Well, nevermind, i have already did the best for it. =) 

Thanks God, i did get my result happily.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Lovely Message

Sometimes, i wish to have all the power, so we are able to control or do everything.

If i have all the power, am i able to use it? No, i don't think i can. If i have the power, then how would i learn to depend on Him?

Sometimes i am really strenghtless, i don't know what to do when i faced problem, He is the only thing i can turn to. When no one can listen to me, I can pray to Him, he will help me to take away my worry in my heart. If i never felt sadness, how would i know He is the Comforter.

If i never had a trial, how would i call myself an overcomer? When i face problem, i need to learn to handle it, otherwise i will remain like the old me, i won't be able to grow up. I believe He will arranged everything for me.

If i never had to pray, then how would i know He is the Deliver? Jesus is the only one who help us to deliver our message to God. Because He is the way for us to reach God. He is the bridge between human and God.

No matter what, i need to learn how to pray to Him. Amen.

Friday, May 1, 2009

X Men Origins : Wolverine

As you know, today is the labour day, i went to watch this marvel movie with my best friends, Jerrica and Winson.

This movie was so nice man! I like the the action and fights between the mutants. Friends became enemy, enemy became friends. How nice the story is.

These are the characters in the movie. I can say the coolest guy is Gambit, with his style and his energy in poker cards. Haha.

Anyway, i feel like watch it again. I admit it was really nice. Strongly recommend to watch it, you won't regret. =)