Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Darkest Tuesday

A very first accident happen on today. When i arrived my college, i went into my class room and sit down, once i switch on my laptop.... ( look the the picture on top )

Everyone were shock about it. Dennis says, in that short moment, you can heard a lot of OH NO, OH SHIT... and so on outside all the computer lap. Haha, ya he is absolutely right.

We played with the flash light on our mobile phone while we wait for the electricity to restore. In the end, lecturer postpone the class since the electricity still not available.

After that, we went shopping in Sunway Pyramid, cause there is the best place to go because there is air cond and electricity for us. Haha.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Major Talk

Today we have all day long for the major talk. It is a very important talk for us, no matter what, we must be puncture. So no lesson for today.

First it started with Advertising Design, then Illustration, follow by Multimedia. We have 1 hour lunch after that. 

Next, after the break it comes the Digital Animation which is the most interesting subject. Look at the picture, everyone look so serious during the talk. Haha.

Finally, our Principal gave us some guide on how to choose the major subject. It was really helpful after he showed us the way to find out what is our interest.

I really need to think carefully on which major field i should enter. God please lead me...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Project for History of Art & Design 2

I tried the best to finish everything before I enter the class. I like some of the interesting history but not all. It definitely can improve our thinking for creativity because we learn how the famous artist create their artwork.

These four pictures represent 4 different art movement.

Top left : self portrait using pencil sketch and combine with fauvism style, means a wild and non-naturalistic colour.

Top right : Photo shot from low angle which invented by Alexander Rodchenko famous photographer and designer combine with Rembrandt lighthing effect.

Bottom left : Follow the style of expressionism which means artist reject the beauty and nature proportion, and express the artwork with distorted proportion. 

Bottom right : Follow the style of cubism which is where Picaso came from. Using basic geometrical forms to form into a picture. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day of Paper Sculpture

Today before the live assignment for paper sculpture, i had my lunch my two of my old best friend, Boon Beh and Seng Chee in Wendy's. 

It is my first time in Wendy's. I think it was ok. Nothing much to comment about, just a common fast food restaurant.

After that, i went to classes quickly, i am afraid that i am late. 

We start the paper sculpture assignment immediately. We were told to create a paper sculpture with abstract. We can create any shape any size, as long as it look interesting.

The challenging part was we can't use any tape or staple to join the paper together. So this was the task, we have to solve it ourselves.

In the process, we faced problem, but we did not give up, we tried to solve it.

Finally my team, Chua Li Hua, Daniel Gan, and myself, done this abtract paper sculpture. 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bye Bye My Lovely Namecard

Say bye bye to my new born namecard. I make this for few weeks since i started to draw the plan and sketch for it. 

At the beginning i got few design for it and i have do lot of experiment for it, try to make it functional. But come to final, i decided to do this.

Besides that, i need to sacrifice some money to buy the material and printing because nothing can be done in the first step. 

So need to redo and redo again. But i am happy to that i successfully finished my namecard in time. Thanks God. 

Too bad we are not getting back our namecard because Lec is going to show it to the junior. Lily very happy that we put a lot of effort doing it. 

So... everything is worth it. ^.^

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Time With Daniel

Friday night we went to Daniel's House to do project for recycle art. 

Daniel fetched everyone home after the photograhy club. Li hui and me gather with them when they arrived home. 

I saw everyone was sitting in the living room having online. Wow, Daniel's house was nice. Feel so relaxing in his house. Haha.

We have dinner time in Kim Gary in The Curve. I have a delicious Cheese Baked Rice with Fish Fillet. TASTE SO GOOD ! After that we went to Ikano's Popular. 

We stay until very late at night... Everyone was so happy and having fun over there. It was really a good memorable moment for me and everyone.

Most of them woke up late in the morning because they have a sweet sleep. We went back after we have breakfast / lunch. This was what happen in the car. Haha. 

Lastly, thanks Daniel for evetything ! ^^

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Little Too Busy

Recently i have been a little too busy because the amount of assignment has increase.

I need try my best to finish it although the outcome is not so good. I cant sleep well in these few days.

Hope i got more time or how good i can slow down the time by half second, den i got 50% more extra time to do my work. Haha. Lucky i have a little bit time for me to blogging...

" Hey Rocky, stop day dreaming and get back to work ! "

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Create A Masterpiece

Throughout last week, i got a little extra time, so i decided try to create a masterpiece in my figure drawing.

After a few day of drawing, i learn to observe and learn to capture the proportion more accurate. The more i draw, the more i improve, our lecturer garanty us. Haha. But sometimes the rush hour will kill you, make ur drawing very messy.

Anyway, I am happy my figure was paste on the wall again. There is others classmates masterpiece and figure studies as well.

It is worth to give more effort in drawing this. Thanks God.