Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday To Myself

Through my life, 19 years old. I have a unforgetable birthday on 2009.

I have not experience to celebrate 4 times. I was really happy, and it is difficult to use word to describe how is the feeling.

First of all, thanks to 5p5 and CHSian celebrate with me on Genting. Next, is my parents, bring me to have dinner outside. The 3rd is, TOA best friend, sing k continue to monopoly. Haha. The final 1 is my best friend, Jerrica. ^^

Now is time to end this year. Hope everything will better on next year 2010 !! Happy New Year Guys !! God Bless Y'all !!

25 26 27 @ Genting!

End of the year, once again, we have a gathering to enjoy ourself among all the friends. We have chosen Genting to be the place. The drivers were happy cuz we can enjoy the speed. =)

Credit to Jo Ee, in Highlands Hotel, which have a big bathroom that can be see by the people in the room. So sexy~ There is a window for you to open. Haha

Credit to Khai Liang, in Resort Hotel, which have a large room and cute bathroom. Not too sexy but can provide people have a sweet dream.

The reason here is not just gathering itself, it is also the time to celebrate the bornday of 3 people, who is Chi Yen 25dec, Wei Sheng 27dec, and myself 28dec.

And the dream has come true. After watching The Gem of Life, i was to excited to see Lamborghini. Who knows, i have this chance to meet 4 Lamborghini in front of the hotel. So cool man. Haha.
Thanks God, provide us a safe and wonderful gathering. Thanks for everything that given to my life. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Special SkinType Lamborghini Gallardo

Thanks to Alex, found this special skintype Gallardo for me. I like it very much because it has design in a detail way. Logo or name are very detail. ^^

Very good!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long Long Holiday

Its been a long long year end holiday which can relax myself so much. Haha. It is good to have such a long break to relax but it is also bad because it produce lazy out of me. But no worry, i would try to get on with my drawings. My favourite pass time. ^^

Friday, December 4, 2009

闽南语 : 牵我的手 ( Hold My Hand )

verse : 牵我的手, 我的主啊, 请祢麦离开我,
这条路我搁要走, 我需要祢来作伴,
牵我的手, 我的主啊, 请祢麦离开我,
有时我会怕, 有时不知按怎行,
有时敢若听不著祢的声. (x2)
chorus : 牵我的手, 请祢与我作伴,
走到祢的门前, 听到你的声,
与我说: " 入来我的囝! "