Monday, December 15, 2008

Genting "I don't know meh?"

We went to Genting Highland for 3 days 2 night. There is only 6 of us, but we still enjoyed our trip although it is a little bit boring. Haha. We had our dinner in mamak store, I can tell you that is the only mamak store in genting, and it is the cheapest place ever. I just spent RM6 for my dinner. There were many people in genting because it is holiday season plus weekend. I need to thanks my best friend Khai Liang, he has book two room for us, the room was big man, haha.

Genting Hotel. We sit in front of the car park.

But we stayed in First World Hotel. We got nothing to do during the first night because everything was full house. So we stayed in our room played some card game and watch tv until 4am, that was crazy.

edward is holding this card, he has no comment about it.

audi... but not sure what is the name. haha

skyline R35, wow, everyone loves this man.

The most statisfied for me was the dinner on 2nd day. Wow, i felt so full after having it. We had fried fish, meat from deer, taufu and vegetables, that cost about RM 105. Haha. After that we went to watch movie, The day the earth stood still. Haiz, so disappointing. Don't watch it, you will regret it.
We are so crazy about the "I duno meh?" and " I know I am poor"... these phrase is from Khai Liang, everyone of us were using this to talk with each other. haha. It make Khai Liang speechless... Thanks God that genting is safe for us.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Friday

Yup, today is friday, but it is different from the last friday. Today I have watched a few astro tv series continueous in my living room, but compare to last friday, I was in the cinema. I remember I watched 2 movies continueous, it is Madagascar and Quantom Of Sollace 007. Madagascar was more interesting than 007 because it was more funny than 007, for me. Besides, some of my friends comment about the 007, " Casino Royale is much nicer than Quantom Of Sollace, " they said. I think they feel a little bit disappointed about it.
Other than that, God remind me of love, He gave us love to love the people around us. I will remember it.
Thanks God. ^^
remember to watch it... ^^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Final decision...

I make my final decision in this afternoon, it was the toughest decision to make for me. It is either I go IACT or The One Academy to study my multimedia design. So, I have decide to study my course in The One Academy in sunway. Sunway is a crowded place, it is very difficult to find a parking over there, and many of them have double parking, it make the road become narrow. Well, now I don't have to think about where am I going to study, I feel much better now... haha. But the fees is a little bit expensive and it has increased compare to last year. >.<

Anyway, thanks God help me to settle this.

this is where I study, The One Academy. ^^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cool down...

Yes, my sister was right about it... we should have love in our heart, because God give us love to love people around us. No matter what happen, we should cool down and think wisely, don't let your anger over come yourself, because He will lead us until the end of the world. I think she did very well and she is a great leader too. Haha.