Thursday, July 30, 2009

Final Presentation About Turkey

Please visit Turkey, it is a land of history and legend. It is full of famous historical landmarks and building that you can definitely find in Turkey.

There are a lot of activities that you can do in Turkey. Visit the sea side, nightlife, and shopping are available too. ^^

Today is the final presentation for our communication skills 2. There were 4 teams presentating their particular places to the audience.

Daniel's team has presented Russia, Sun Woo's team has presented Korea, Mun Hong's has presented Greece, and for my team is Turkey.

There is a reason why we choose these country to present. The reason is there are a international student in each group except for Mun Hong's team.

We are very glad to have international students in our class. So that we can share our culture and learn more about each other. We have friends from Indonesia, Russia, Iran and Korea.

I believe everyone did their best in the presentation because it was the last 1 and next week is the last time for us to see our respectful and beloved Pinky. Haha.

After the presentation, we have a group photo as a souvenier. So sweet. ^^

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sink Into The Assignment

The final few week is here. It made everyone fall sick.

This might be a kind of torturing, i guess. Everyone is suffering because of we are running out of time.

What to do? It is our choice. We must stand until the end of the day, must keep carrying on. Don't give up. I believe everyone can do it.

Cheer up my friends. =)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Intersting Photoshop Lesson

Finally, i found that the last few lesson for photoshop is more interesting. I am not mistaken, i think the lec has change his attitude abit.

He has taught us how effects things. This will help us in doing our final project.

Lecturer did scold us for the assignment, why we are so slow... Sometimes we can't blame anyone, everyone have did wrong in the pass. The only thing we can do is to be independent, learn everything by ourselves.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse July 22, 2009

Hoho... The longest solar eclipse in 21st century.

This eclipse begin in today morning 8.30am in Malaysia. Unfortunately in Malaysia we only can see 8% of the solar eclipse because of the weather problem.

The process duration is around 6 and a half minutes. The total solar eclipse only will appear every 500 years. I am so lucky i am in the 500 years.

God is the creater of the universe. Thanks God for giving us this beautiful scene.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Heart Music Ministries

During last weekend we have a music worship workshop in church. It was like half a camp because the workshop was start from morning till night. Haha, whole day of activities.

I miss the first day training which is friday because i was in college. Well, atleast i attend for the other two days.

Everything in the workshop was very interesting. It is really suitable for everyone who like to worship God.

Group photo of Old Klang Road member with New Heart members.

New Heart Ministries came from United States. New Heart Ministries is a music school, they train people to use music to serve God.

Besides that, they have go around the world to deliver God's message through music.

Oh... this is our drum teacher. Haha, he shared a lot of his experience in drums. He has also showed how he played during worship. Haha, i am so happy to be there. The most important is we listen to what he teach us.

Hope they will come again to have this kind of music training and sharing. Throughout this weekend, i have learned a lot from them especially the sharing session. The pastor was quite funny. Hehe.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Charity in Sri Sentosa School

Last saturday i was helping my church fellowship to design a " wallpaper ". This wallpaper was display on the notice board.

We were helping Shuang Fu Disabled Independent Living Association to sell some of the handmade keychain and mobile phone hanger... to the students.

Besides that, we introduce our activities in our fellowship and some infomation of shuang fu as well.

This was a charity, all the money we got will go to this association. Unfortunately for the club competition, the christian fellowship can't win the champion this year.

Anyway, all for His glory. Everything we did has the value in it. God will see it. Because everything we used our heart to do, so it is not worthless.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Meeting Meeting Meeting

Recently i have few meetings. All are about the coming project. All the deadline are on the same week. We need more time to prepare everything.

For me, i think history project is always the biggest project among the subjects. Same as last sem.

This project is a little bit different, everything will be DIY which costumes show. It sounds like a fashion show of the modern art. Haha.

It is quite interesting to know some of the history. It can help to gain more knowledge about art.

Hope everythings go fine. God please lead us the way... :-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moment in Desa Parkcity

This few days i was really busy. Long time no blog already. Haha. How good i can be like the turtle, relaxing on the rock, having sun bathing.

Last friday we went to desa parkcity to do our recycle art. We successfully done the first furniture. It is really a nice place. I love it.

We are going to continue the work as soon as possible because we got another big project to do with.

The toughest ever. Why? Because we need to do it like a fashion show. This is about the fashion of the history of art, we need to keep the feel of history but yet modern.

Haha, let's work together, my team !

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Self Portrait

I have drawn my very first self portrait few weeks ago... I can feel that it is hard to capture the proportion because my face is too rounded. Haha.

However, i am still very confident to draw myself. I wonder how would it looks like in the outcome.

I am happy that my parents can recognize this is me. ^^

Last week, we were asked to draw our self portrait as an assignment.
This time i tried in different angle view. That's why i dun want to repeat the same picture. I just want to study more about my own. But i feel abit disappointed about the result, the proportion has been a bit distorted.
Besides that, i have try to draw few of my classmate. Its interesting to draw sumbody around you. So that you can compare is it look alike as the actual person.

Friday, July 3, 2009

1 Day Tour In KLCC

We were going to have a Design 2 class in KLCC.

Early in the morning, everyone of us gather in Kelana Jaya LRT station. When everyone has arrived, we started our journey. From left, Li Hui, Elaine, Kai Xuan and Daniel.

During the ride in the train, we speak loud and laugh out loud until one of the uncle get rid from us. Haha. We talk non-stop until we were in KLCC. From left, Hui Ling, Peggy and Natasha. I am the photographer.

Before we come to this book store, we went shopping for a short while. After that, we need to gather in this book store call Kinokuniya at 11.30am.

Our Lecturer introduce alot of books for us. There were some special diary which contain the designers artwork inside.

I found many good book were inside, too bad it was expensive, need to save some money to buy it. Besides that, we were asked to find some book for maximumlism assignment.

Later, we were also asked to take photograph about culture for wire sculpture assignment. We saw many interesting culture design along the corridor.

Next, the girls went shopping and the boys went for lunch in Starbucks. Our lunch, 3 drinks and 1 meal.

Before that, we took some photo outside the cinema with the movie background.

My favourite. Nice pose guys. Haha. Once again, i am the photographer.

Around 3pm, we went for movie called " The Last House On The Left. " I thought it was a horror movie, but i never expected the movie were so lousy. No wonder not much people in the cinema. Almost everyone complain about it.

After the movie, Peggy and Elaine went home. We decided to go to the park to have a walk.

We did some free style jumping during the photo session. Haha.

Since we were not allow to play in the park, we went a side and took some nice photo.

Same here, we climb up to a small little mountain to shoot this photo.

Finally everyone were hungry, then we went to Sake Sushi to have our dinner before we go home. After that, we went home by LRT again.

We ended our 1 day tour like this. Thanks God for keeping our journey safe.

Tight Friday

This morning we have history class, today's lesson is movie review.

Lecturer show us some knowledge video, i admit i like that. But after that, he show us a liong movie, as long as transformer. That is weird movie, kinda blur of what is the movie about.

I did not finish watching the movie, as well as the other classmates. We directly went for the the preparation for our presentation.

We did some setup for our presentation. Today we have a long presentation day. Haha, i never expect that it was so long. Anyway, we learn a lot of thing to improve our presentation.

Finally the presentation has finished. Its already overtime and i miss to watch movie with my friend.

By the way, we gave a surprise to Peggy and help her to celebrate her birthday after the presentation. Too bad Li Hua has went home...

Hot Wheels Collection In 2009

Two days ago, i went eat lunch with Alex after my project meeting.

Before we have the lunch, we went for car hunting. In Giant, we found the red lancer evolution 7.
Since he already got it, then only myself bought it.

After we have our lunch, we went for car hunting again. We went to Jusco this time. We found a lot of nice car in Jusco.

I found this blue lancer evolution 10. Besides this, we found others nice car such as Camaro, lamborghini, ferrari f430, benz...
Finally, we bought 2 blue lancer, 1 ferrari f430 and a lamborghini. Haha.