Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MOT Fear

I was almost forget about the LCS 3 which require us to act in a fear scene.

Gary told us go home and dig out all the old fear movie, practice how the actor acts fear and helpless inside the scene.

Honestly my acting is not very good. Haha. Hmm, how could survive in acting class??

God please bless me, try my best to act like in a real scene. >.<

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Be With You

God is always be with us. He always open the door, welcome us to go home, but we always refuse it. He is just like a father waiting his lovely son to go home after the son run away from home.

I had a bad stomachache just now. I prayed for it, now he healed me. I feel so much better.

With this, it proved that He is be with us. He know we need His help. Therefore He healed us, but first, we must believe Him.

Thanks God very much. =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1st Time to Cameron Highland

What is this? This is one of the building which represent Cameron Highlands. It is smoke house.

Early in the morning we began our journey from KL. The sky is still dark, we already in the highway. Around 2 hours we arrived there because we took the new way instead of the old way.

Unfortunately the first day was raining, so we only visit the tea house during evening with umbrella.

It has a beautiful tea plantation mountain beside it, but not as grand as the BOH tea mountain. That one is really beautiful and huge.

After dinner there has no more rain, we decided to go to the only night market in C.H. We jam for almost 2 hours to reach there because there is only single lane for each direction and so many people were going to the same place.

So we shop until almost 11pm, then we went home with big and small packet. It was so much cold although we were in a busy night market.

Next day morning we went to market and buy some fresh vegetables. Wow, it was so cheap and nice. My mum bought a lot. Haha. I like the cherry tomato, so sweet!

This is the place must visit when we were in C.H. It is beside the golf club. Wonderful place surrounded with lots of colourful flowers.
So romantic, it is so suitable for couple to take some photo there. Haha. Just like my cousin and his gf. Hehe.

Its a nice place, but not encourage to go there during holiday season. It will jam like hell.=.="
Thanks God keep our journey safe and giving me a chance to visit Cameron Highlands. ^^

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acting In Action

Wow, today we learn to act in LCS3. Haha, it is so different from the other subjects.

This is a 100% practical, we have a lot of activities to do, interaction with other classmates.

The most important thing is we need to focus. The first step of acting is to focus into the character, then add in the dialogue.

Although we are not facing the audience, we still need to be focus, express the character inside the scene.

It was really fun, nice to meet Gary, our lecturer. Haha. He is really good in acting... with loud voice.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Interesting Culture Issue

I have my first culture and society class today. I met a very interesting lecturer, Ms Marion, with the powerful and good knowledge to teach us this subject.

She can become a very funny person but also a serious person. In this situation, i feel a little bit pressure. Somehow, i still have to work it on, do not afraid of it.

Culture is a practice that done by particular people. In M'sia we have a lot of culture. Different people has their own culture.

During the tutorial session, we will be given a question of our country, to discuss and think about it. Lets see what will happen next. God bless !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day Of Perspective

Today is the first day we begin to know what is perspective. Perspective is everything we can see with our own eyes.

In perspective, we can all the object has a invisible line that will join to an invisible point too, which mean all these are in 3D form.

It is a interesting subject i think. Although we are not an interior designer, it is still useful for our future in our visual communication.

This subject really need a lot of practice to know more of this perspective studies.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

School Reopen Is Around The Corner

Today is my last day of the sem break. Tomorrow we have to go back to college and continue our lesson.

The challenge is going to be harder and tougher. Because further sem is continue what we learned in the previous sem, and apply everything in our work and assignment.

So, yesterday night we have our sem 2 last dinner. Haha. We went to Aman Suria to have our Pork Rips Soup and went to Kepong to have an ais kacang.

Some of us has to step into their major subject. By the way, we can still meet each other in the combination lesson.
In short, wish everyone of us good luck in the new sem. God Bless you all !!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Result Day

Yesterday was our result day. In other words, it is a kan cheong day. I wanna know how is my result so badly.

Alright, now i have know my result, feel satisfy, but i feel like there is no improvement in me. Haha.

Unfortunately for the class list, the particular department has make some mistake in it, so we have to recheck everything about our class in major. Feel a bit disappointed about their working process.

After that, we met up with some friends who has came back from hometown, we invite them to watch Final Destination 4. What an interesting and exciting movie. Haha. I can see all the fresh meat.

Now i am so wondering how is my time table, i wanna know whether i have late class or not. Haiz...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Merdeka Genting Trip

This is my 1st time went to Genting during midnight, so excited, haha. We went right after the supper which is 2am. The drives were driving fast as usual, like racing with each other. Haha.

We took 1 and half hour to reach there. The temperature become lower when we get up to the hill. We stayed in First World Hotel, the room was quite big, we can have 10 people inside.

My handsome driver, driving fast and brave, we go reserve parking for the other 2 cars while the driver let his car to rest first. We play some card game as well.
2nd day, hang out at the beautiful garden. Having stone walk massage. From left, jayson, so painful for him, chong, feel fine, Ryan, telling them it was not painful at all. Haha, because he was wearing shoes.

We play snooker, go coffee bean and the plaza to spend our time there. Haha.
Night time, after a great dinner, when we were on the way going back to first world, we saw the parade was lining up outside the plaza, on the way marching to the genting hotel, there was a Merdeka Concert at 10pm.

So crowded, we follow the parade to the concert location. So kan cheong, we were chasing them. Haha.

After the Merdeka Concert, there has firework display after the countdown. I feel so happy when i saw this, i went up to hotel, so that i can see it clearly and took some picture of it.

The final day, we went to Jalan Ipoh and have our lunch. We have Yong Tou Foo over there. It was a nice one, introduce by Ah Leong.

Thanks God keep our journey safe. ^^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

District 9

Today i am actually back to college to collect my result and time table. Unfortunately, it has changed 3 of Sep.

So me and Daniel decided to go watch movie after lunch. Kan cheong lo, we watched District 9. Its a nice movie, arguement between human and alien.

I wonder how alien can stay with human and has the attitude of human. Haha. Its so funny. So sad that the main character has infected by the alien cells and he turned into and half alien human.

With this, he can control all alien weapon. But too bad he can't go back to his love one, his wife, because he betrayed by his father in law who wanna take him to do experiment on him.

In the end, he fully turn into an alien.