Friday, August 28, 2009

Hunting In 3 Buildings

Today's morning is a beautiful rainy moment, it makes me do not want to wake up so early. Today is also my day for shopping, so i have to wake up early.

I went to Sungai Wang, Low Yatt, and Timesquare with Alex. We plan to have shopping on today. Haha.

We went to find those item we like, and then mark it down, then compare price. But during the shopping, one of the shop scare us, the sales promoter is over friendly, until we have no chance to get out of the shop. Haha.

Most of the shirt not bad. Therefore, we have bought something back to home.

We had lunch in Subway. The burger is nice, how good if it is 6 inch burger. Haha. I will feel so happy. ^^

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 Week 2 K

During the sem break, i went to Neway 2 times. I was so enjoying singing. It was really fun.

The first time we went to the Subang Neway, which near the side of the highway. That day we were so crazy in the room. Shouting loud to sing because we have many people in the room, just like party. I was happy to meet a handsome cute guy, Kenny, Peggy's friend, he is good in singing. @_@

The second time was yesterday, this time less people join us, because all of them have go back to hometown. Left only few of us which live in K.L. We went to the nearest Neway which is in One Utama. There was only 4 peoples in the room.

Both have their own fun i can say, more people, more fun, less people, sing peacefully. Haha.

After that, we went shopping. Haha, we get what we want. So happy !!

Thanks God happy be with all of us. May God bless you all !!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guess Who?

Hey guys, please guess who is it. Haha.

Sorry for i din draw the others. ^^

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Break On Wednesday

I hang out with Jerrica on wednesday. So good to see her class duration was only 2 hours. Then can go home after that. Haha. I wish mine is like this too.

We had lunch in Popeye. My friend told me that Popeye was new in Pyramid, so i wanna give it a try. The food may be not as good as i think. I will prefer to eat other food.

Anyway, we decided to watch Harry Potter. This was the 6th movie, it is not interesting as the previous movie but i believe that the next movie which is the last episode will be very interesting.

So sad that Dumbledore has died. He was murdered by Snape.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Friends 4ever !

Now we are in the break of sem2. Some of us is going to enter different major. Everyone have their own way to step forward and dreams.

Now is time for us to be independent. Is the time to face the reality. It the step to prepare our future.

Throughout this quarter year. We have a lot of fun together. We eat together, laugh together, draw together, study together. Haha.

I am here to wish you all have a bright future. Good luck in major year. I am sure the memory will always keep deep in our heart.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Letterforms Application Poster

In sem2, i found out that we have an interesting subject which is letterform and calligraphy.

In this subject we learned to analyse letterform and apply in different design. We have done few assignment of mind tuning. We were required to design few type of logo based on the company.

For the project, we need to design our own letterform, then need to be apply in a poster. My letterform is a banana skin combine with graffiti style letterform.

I have applied it in a dancing competition poster. I have used most contrast in the poster because i want to grab the attention from the audience.

The conclusion is letterform play an important role and it help people to recognize the brand image by using letterform itself. Letterform is also a tool to communicate in another word it can deliver message clearly.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Recycle Hero

Yesterday we did our biggest presentation ever which is the History 1+1=3 Project. Haha. It was in the AV Hall together with Dash 1.

There are total 8 teams to present their costume with the art movement they choose to use. All the teams also did their best in presenting or performing their artwork.

Our team name is Gryn Envir which means the green environment. We name it like that is because our theme is to save the environment. Our costume was made of all recycle items based on the futurism.

The result is quite good. Our lec was satisfy with our work. He like our idea which is we distributed the seeds to the public by using the performance art.

I am so happy to work with my group. I really cannot forget what we have did together to make the costume. The memory is really sweet. Haha.

Thanks God that our presentation has finished successfully. Although we face difficulty during the process, but we still try to overcome it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Day Of Design 2

We have our last lesson of Design 2 on yesterday. We spend our time doing the last assignment which is the wire sculpture.

We are require to do it in 2 hours. Everyone of us were so hardworking and put in effort to do the last assignment.

Finally everyone of us were successfully done everything in 2 hours. Lily was happy and give us a compliment.

This is my wire sculpture. My teamate is Elaine. I am glad to work with her, thank you Elaine. The usage of it is a card holder, pen holder and key holder.

Unfortunately i heard something which make me feel a bit disappointed. It is the result of Design 2 in this sem. Lily predicted that 10 people in the class might get A.

I expected i will get A for this subject but too bad i am not. =(

Anyway, i still thanks her for teaching us for this sem again. Hope to see her again next time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Final Test For Figure 2

This is my final test artwork. I have applied everything that i have learn throughout this sem.

For a simple figure stick, we are able to draw a proper figure. I can still see that i can improve more. I need more practice during sem break.

In the next sem, there are more challenging work waiting for us to do. Thats why i cannot let myself down so easily. Must hardworking abit. XD

Monday, August 10, 2009

Collection Of Drawing In Sem 2

Here are some painting collection of this sem. Today we have last day of lesson which is also the exam day.
Throughout the whole sem, i learn to paint because i never attend any art class before. Here is only place i can learn drawing and painting.
I can say, painting really need a lot of patience and focus. Train our observation skills. Most important for me is the color setting.
There are alot of color categories such as prismatic, muted, chromatic grey... All of these are helpful in our future in creating a piece of artwork.
Now is time to move on the other stage. Lets wait for it.... ^^

Sunday, August 9, 2009

5P5 Gathering and Mun Wen's Birthday!

Yesterday is Mun Wen's birthday. We went to celebrate with her in Ming Tian Foodcourt, Taman Megah.

I have been long time din't see them. Miss them so much. Everyone has their own study and career to do about. So lets GAMBATEH together! Hehe.

Besides that, Mun Wen has called our classmate which has been study abroad. We use 3G to talk to her. She was in clubbing when we called her. Haha.

Haha, old photo to show the different of same group of gang taking photo again. Unfortunately 1 of our best friend ( top right ) was absent because he was sick yerterday.

We went yam cha until midnight. First they plan to go up to genting. But later no more. Haha.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Long Long Wednesday

Yesterday is a very long day for me. Early in the morning 9am, i have reached one gallery to prepare our recycle art exhibition, unfortunately it was raining, many of them have came late.

We moved our recycle to the gallery by parking the car temporary outside the gallery. We have used 2 hours to done the set up for this exhibition.

After that, during our lunch in Gasoline, Asian Avenue, we give a surprise to our birthday girl, Li Hui. She was shocked, i can see her expression. Haha.

Our presentation started at 2pm afternoon. Each of the teams need to present their own recycle art's furniture.

Besides that, we need to submit our Maximalism which is the colourful pattern on the same day as well.

All of the teams have done a good job and creative works. Our lecturer was quite satisfy, and the most important was we learn many things throughout the process doing this recycle art.

We will face arguement, material limitation... But no matter what, we still find a way to get it, thats what lecturer want from us. In future, if we are working for project, we really need to find a way to solve the problem by ourselves. Finally, teamwork is also important.

But some of the artworks have been rejected to display because of the design is not practical enough. We gonna work hard, make sure next time there will be no problem.

Thanks God for leading everything fine throughout the whole month to do this project.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Perspective Study For Next Sem

Today i have received a news from our figure lecturer, he briefs us about what will we study for
next term figure class.

He showed by categories. In different major will have different topic for perspective study.

We have to draw and calculate the angle like an interior design, everything is in 3D.

I am sure we have a lot of things to draw. Because we study as an art student, drawing is the basic of everything, so we must really learn how to draw.

Wish everyone good luck for it !

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Double Caring For Everyone

Recently, many of my friends fall sick such as high fever, sorethroat, headache, coughing...

Although work is important, we need our health to support us to work, right? Please drink more water and try to sleep early. Make sure our activities and health are balance.

Me myself also one of the busy worker. Sometimes I can also work until late night, and do not have enough of sleep. But I will try to sleep as early as possible after I finish my work.

If it is really important and I am tired, sleep early to charge my energy and do it on the the next morning.

So... hope you guys will get well soon... God bless ya!