Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Different

BEFORE ----- january 15, 2009

AFTER ----- march 26, 2009

I have a pencil test on last thusday. After one week, we get back our result. I get 90 out of 100 percent. I feel so happy although i din get as high marks as others classmates.

I am glad to see my own improvement from before to after. The early drawing was so messy and now it looks neat, Jun Mei (lec) said. Yes, i admit my drawing is so messy until I canot even recognize that is my own drawing.

Thanks god for leading me and guide me untill the end. Lets hope this will continue in my life. Work hard !!

First Charcoal Lesson

This is my first charcoal lesson in my life. It was very fun to learn the charcoal sketching although it was dirty, haha. I did enjoy myself during the sketching beacuse i can finished the whole drawing very faster. I like pencil drawing also because it is more detail than charcoal.

In charcoal drawing, the technique of drawing the object is different from pencil drawing. We need to drawing the darker part first for charcoal drawing. After that we use our finger to rub the surface to make it lighter. We are doing the opposite way in pencil drawing.

All my classmates were doing great in this charcoal drawing. Unfortunately for 1 of my friend, he transfered to Taylors College to study A level because he was ordered by his father.

We used 2 charcoal stick to draw which is the thin and medium size one. The thin charcoal is easy to rub off but not for the medium, it is harder. I have to rub for few times just to make it lighter.

Well, I will try to improve my skill in the following lesson. ^^

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Challenge The Project

I am going to challenge the project in a week time. When the time is there, i will carry all the project just like what this guy is doing.

Why? Because the end of semester is around the corner. The toughest assignment will be given to us as well. This is the time for us to master everything in the foundation year. When we are in the major, there will be no problem for us. This is what the lecturer told us.

Everything we have to learn by our own, do more experiment and observation. No one is going to spoon feed us.

Therefore, I am going to ready myself for all this project. Try the very best to do it.
God please lead me to the end!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Logo for PIzza Hut

In the class of design, we were learning to redesign the logo for a company. I brought 3 printed logo to class and lecturer has select the Pizza Hut logo for me. I am happy that he chose this logo for me because it have more idea to redesign it.

After that, lecturer gave us a assignment of redesign the logo that he chose, what we have to do was redesign 40 different logos, it was just the 1st stage of this topic.

In the next lesson, lecturer chose another 3 from the 40 design, then we have to expand that 3 logos. After that, it came to the 3rd stage, we have to simplify 1 of the logo that chose from the previous 3. We can only use few lines to redesign the logo to make it look simple.

Today, we have a colour experiment for the logo. We can only apply 2 colours in the logo. First, we tried on the chinese brush and ink, then we moved to the colour, next was mix colour. We have gone through a lot of experiment to achieve the final one.

We have to do 3 different types of colour in our final piece. First is chinese ink, then 1 colour follow by 2 mixing colours.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Election for President

Today we received a huge project from history. We have to set up a exhibition in the public to present our product and artwork. We are going to produce 2 piece of masterpiece which are a reinvention and advertising product with ancient art.

There are 9 group in total. I am in the group 7 respectively. I am glad to know my teammates. We have to finish our progress by 60% on next week and show it to our lecturer, Stephen.

Now i feel a lot of pressure for doing all this because the time is really tight. I hope i can finish everything in time. God please lead me... =)

Mini Pop Up

A cute little pop up of a house. This is a basic pop up for us to learn about, how to fold and form a house. Well, i think it is quite difficult with the measurement, once u get wrong on it, you cant get the right pop up in the end.

Next week is the week for us to start our pop up project which is the 2nd project in finished art.
I hope i can do well in it. Haha, because i think this task is the toughest ever. No matter what, i will try my best to do it !! Amen!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Strength Of God

Strength of God is just like the drum, the heartbeat of a song. It will lead you to another feeling of listening to it.

Do not worry about what will happen tomorrow, worry about what happen on today, because on tomorrow you will have another worry for the next day, so do our best on today first.

Don't give up !! You can do it !!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Exhibition Corridor

The exhibition corridor in The One Academy.

My second colour assignment with a lot of colour experiment.

My first colour assignment with 22 heads.

It's already few week ago we submit our assignment, finally i can know my result for it. I am very happy and fulfill with my result which i have put in so many effort inside there.

Other than mine, there are others classmates's artwork as well. They are very good in design too. It is a good advice from Lily, try to look on people's design, you will get more idea and you may combine it with your idea, the result will be very extraordinary.

Today i learned some important knowledge. We shouldn't remain our thinking in stage 1 when we are doing design. This is just the 1st level of it, there are more stage are behind there, after the stage 1, you must develop to stage 2, then continue with the others stage until final. This is helpful when we come out to the industry to work.

Gambateh !! Work hard and pray hard !!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Having war with assigment !!

I am doing my assignment as fast as i can, feeling it is like a tug war... because there are a lot of assignment waiting for me to complete it... I try to do it one by one, but it doesn't work well, so i try to break it part by part, i think it is much more easier for me to do it, so that i won't feel so confuse.

Time management is really important, i think i still need more planning for this. Now i have 2 project and assignment, without the project i feel better. The project is really a big pressure for me.
I will try my best to finish it by tonight, and all my effort into my assignment... Let God lead me to the end !!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mcdonald, I'm lovin it !

My TOA classmates, Daniel, Hui Ling, Mcdonald, Elaine and Chun Lam.

Kai Xuan, Li Hua, Peggie, Mcdonald, myself and Kahn (not in picture).

We were enjoying our lunch at Mcdonald just now. We saw the Mcdonald came foward to us when we were chatting. That was a memorable moment for me. Haha. We requested the Mcdonald to take photo together with us. Haha.

Before this, we were having lesson for design 1. We have a assignment which is to sketch 40 different design of logo for the particular company and we have to finish 10 in class. Well, I have already done my 10 logos. The dateline is on thursday... So, we got only 2 nights to do it. lol...

Once again, we saw Mcdonald was outside the Mcdonald, so we planned to take photo with him again... After the individual photo session, we have a group photo session as well. Haha, I was really happy during the photo session. It is very difficult to see a real Mcdonald walking around and give HIGH FIVE to everyone. Haha.

" Have a nice day everyone !! " said Mcdonald.

Design 1, lesson 5

This is the other colouring technique picture... Its is really a tough task for me, because it was combined with many types of colour and technique. This was seperated into 4 part which is, 2 art window and 2 culture art.

It took me 5 days to finish the whole picture. It cannot finish by 1 or 2 nights. I must be very patience to colour it, if you rush, the effect will not look nice when it is finish. This is what I've learned from li hua, the grand master of painting. Haha.

I don't think the result can be good as the previous artwork, because I think this is quite common when I compare with others artwork.

Finally, same things happen, i must always pray hard and praise the lord for giving me inspiration... ^.^