Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's over !

Chinese New Year holiday has finish. Today is the last day for us to enjoy our unforgetable Chinese New Year holiday, I am sure everyone of you have enjoy it happily. Well, i believe some of you get a lot of income as well, but not me. Haha. Anyway, it is time for us to back to our busy life. T.T

Friday, January 23, 2009

Am I busy??

Wow, through the second week, i have learned more. Which mean i got a lot of knowledge that i have to study from the internet or reference book. Now i am like spending more time in doing research than just having drawing all the time. Anyway, my 1st presentation is communication skills 1, i think i am able to do it... but compare to what i've learned today in malaysian studies, wow, it is more difficult. Because it is about the economical and political. Usually i don't really care about it.

Well, we was so lucky today, for the malaysian studies's presentation, we are the 7th group to present, which mean we can see other team to present their topic, may be we can grab some of their idea of how to present better on stage. Haha. I am glad to work with 5 of my teamate, they are timothy ( team leader ), li hua, daniel, felicia and ME.

Too bad, we have to prepare everything during chinese new year holiday. I know some of my teamate cant come back to college to have a meeting or discussion. So we decided to discuss it using e-mail or messenger. Hope we can get along with each other well. We surely have a lot got to do, keep it up guys !!

Oh ya, Chinese New Year is around the corner, lets enjoy it.Chinese Happy New Year !!
God Bless Ya !!

Monday, January 19, 2009


After i went through the first week lesson, i felt that my schedule is fill with all the assignment, everything is just completely arranged. I don't have to worry that i will have nothing to do all the time. It just fulfill me, but one thing, it is also a kind of pressure, when it is time to submit your assignment, i notice everyone will have last minute work. I don't like it but i will still have a bad attitude like that.

Today is the second week of my lesson, well, it is much more different from the past week, the lecturer has become more strict to you. The challenging part has appear in front of me too, haha. It can spend alot of time for drawing 1 picture, actually i have a triangle box to draw today, it is quite big size, i think i will draw it in few days time. Besides that, I have to grab some info from the internet, because my very first presentation is coming soon, right after chinese new year holiday.

Anyway, wish me good luck la... =)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My very first time...

A model from a gel advertisement. =)

This is my very first artwork of figure drawing in my life. I am happy that i can draw something like that, at first i thought i can't really draw it, because i haven't try it. After i try to draw it on the next day, this is what it become. May be it will look not so nice at the beginning, but i am sure after a few lesson, i think i will definitely have some improvement, as the lecturer said, we can know who is it in the picture. Yes, this is what we need to have in a few weeks time.

Hope i can do it properly. Haha. Anyway, practice make perfect. I really need lot of practice if i want to have better result in the picture. But the most important is time managment, if you handle the time well, then you do well. Lets hand it to God and arrange everything. Don't think too much, always think the right and positive side, because as a designer we need all this to help us to become a open minded person. This is the attitude what a designer should have.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Last day of holiday...

Today is my last day of holiday, tomorrow is a brand new day for me. I am going to college on tomorrow, i know it will be totally different compare to secondary school life. Now i am really miss what have i done in my secondary school life. This prove that i am growing up, i have to proceed to the other level in my life. We can't just remain ourselves, we need to have improvement otherwise it will be meaningless in our life.

Hope in a new year i will learn alot of new things. I will just leave it to God to lead me, don't think so much about what will happen next. Hmm, how is it when i enter college, it is sad or happy?? I know there is alot of pressure, but i am still going to carry it until the end. Don't give up !!