Monday, November 30, 2009

Banglow Design

In this trimester, it is actually conclude what we have learned in the previous 2 sems. Now we are taught to draw something more professional and it is time to let go we are weak at. This is a very important switching time. It is when we learned to do something more mature, cannot be so cincai anymore. In this sem, although there are not so many artwork to do with, doesn't mean that it is not important, the important is waiting for us in front !

Recycle Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is coming soon. Our fellowship has a mission to make some ornaments with recycle items. Therefore it is recycle and free of charge.

With our heart, we can do something very special which cannot buy from other place. My last mission is to make a star where shine on top of the tree. Haha.

This present boxes is used some old card board and old magazine to create it. I have used constrast on each of them make it more interesting.^^

Monday, November 23, 2009

Class Party In TOA

Last friday, we celebrated our 1st combination of 4 different major's class party together. The party was held in Jaycee' house, credit to Jaycee.

We have BBQ in her house, thanks God that the rain has stop before we have our BBQ. Haha. Everyone were so happy because we can gather once again after seperated into different major.

There are 30 + people in the party, it was quite crowded. Haha. In the end, some of them have drunk because there were 4 different kind of alcoholic drinks. Haha.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Begins With SaKae

Whoaaa! Holiday is in front of me. It is a good time for everyone of us to rest after a hardworking and busy 2009.

We submit our final project today and helping others to complete their finals as well.

After that, i would like to reward myself with my favourite sushi. Daniel, Derrick ( li hua ) and me went to Sakae Sushi to have our lunch. I ate it with no worry. When i ate it, i close my eye to feel the freshness of my mind. I can felt that every pressure from me has gone. Thanks God as the leader to lead me along the way. Hope tomorrow will be better. God bless ya! But later i received a sad news that a founder of our college, Veronica Ho has pass away. May you rest in peace.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birthday All Night Long

Yesterday was a very long night for me. It was Shi Xuan birthday. We decided to go Redbox to celebrate it. At first, it was quite expensive for each people, but we still enter and celebrate it. Haha.

Left is Khai Liang and the birthday girl Shi Xuan. It was the first time to let us have the biggest room in Redbox, it has 3 tv and a stage. We can sing on the stage. It looks good. Haha. The end, i saw the longest bill ever that cost Rm1000. Haha.

After that, we straight went up to genting. Haha. Racing again between two drivers. This time is kah wai as the driver because khai liang has drunk after Redbox. And we have a new ride of new vios.

Since it was a gathering, we talk non stop. A lot of things to share about.

I took some nice picture of dawn. Then we came back in the afternoon and have our YONG TOU FU lunch. It has made a habbit of having YONG TOU FU as lunch after genting. Haha.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So Happy But Yet So Sad

Yesterday is the last day for our drama in this sem. We were having good time together when we were doing our drama.

This is the only subject which can bring our relationship closer. With this, i can know more about my friends.

This is the final group project. Gary was hope that 4 groups in class will strike 4As and break the record of the pass 6 years. Unfortunately there is only 3As. It is a bit disappointed. But everyone already did their best.

I love this subject but i hate the time it taken away from me as well as others. But nevermind, everything is worth it.

Bye Bye drama and Gary. God bless...