Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 Emo Per Day

Today we were having Indesign exam in the morning. Thanks God i have enough time to finish it and i done what i should done.

Then we have 1 hour to ready for the 3 emo lesson in LCS3 today. The session was very long today. I am glad to see old classmates came to visit us.

The first task to do was angry. To express the rage to scold someone. This was really tiring. It took away 50 percent of our energy. Haha.

The second 1 was very emo. It was to express your love to someone. This task required us to cry. At first, Gary brought us into the situation that will make our tears come out.

I kinda love this session. I can't stop my tears until the end of this task. It was really task. 98% of the people have cry.

Lastly was the task to express excitement. This was the part where make us laugh back. We really can't stop laughing and dunno how many NG has done. Haha. It was really a good time to be together. ^^

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Party In TOA !

Throughout the whole week, i was so exhausted and tired. No time for others as well as blogging.
Lucky the college has organized a Halloween Party. That is my only time to rest and enjoy myself.

This is my costumes during the the Halloween Party. Beside me is Daniel, looks like murdered my me. Or both of us look at killers

This is another costumes by my other classmates. They want to act as ghost that not enough sleep. Haha. So all of them dress up in pajamas with make up of the chinese ghost looking.

This is the costume of li hua, he is dress up like a vampire at first, somehow, the vampire teeth has lost, so he change to ghost with blood on it.

That day was friday, we went to Shiely house to ready ourselves. When we reach college, the event has already started. A lecturer is performing on stage by singing 4 songs.

After that, the pumpkin carving event start immediately. It was so interesting to see my classmates were carving the pumpkin excitedly. There was only half an hour to do it.

Unfortunately i miss the costumes competition because i was in the pumpkin part. The winner of this competition is the green pumpkin with sharp nose where as our get last place. Haha. Just for fun.

Here is some group photo of our gang after the event has finished. Haha. We go around the place and find people to take photo with us. Haha.
That was really fun. It is the first Halloween for me in my life. Haha. God creation is such amazing!

Birthday On Mountain Puchong

Last monday, we the ex 5p5 was celebrating wai keat's birthday on the Puchong Mountain. Haha. It was quite fun and interesting to celebrate it on the mountain.

The feeling of standing on the mountain is amazing. I like the feeling. Especially with bunch of buddy!

Everyone was there around 11pm. Unfortunately only some of our friends can't turn out on that day. But no worry, there are still many birthday boy and girl is coming soon. Haha

We have shoot a lot of picture because we manage to have a gathering again. So this pic is about the "couple" of all time in our class last time.

So before 12am, we celebrate wai keat's birthday in time. Haha. The cake was quite delicious, thanks or pei yee to buy such a nice car for him and everyone of us.

He was so happy to cut his cake after that. After the celebration, we decided to go to somewhere around there to have supper together. Haha.

We finish around 1am and everyone is going to home sweet home!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Batik Workshop Tryout

Yesterday throughout the whole day, we were having workshop in college. The morning session may be not so interesting. Afternoon session was more fun.

But too bad in the afternoon was very hot, and the room has no air con because it is not a class room, it is print room.

I can see most of the people were enjoying playing with the pattern and fill gradient colour into it. Some feel hot and lost their passion, and they leave the room.

We paid Rm6 for the entry, then college provided us everything except the cloth. Haha. Anyway, it was a warm up session only.

We got more work to do in the project. So, good luck and God Bless!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

第23届差传年会 - 势在必得

Yesterday is 第23届差传年会 - 势在必得. We were having this once a year. It is about helping orang asli by learning their own language. Meanwhile, we also told them about Jesus.

They were poor and no chance to study. Here we come to help them. The theme of the year is follow God's word and let them become God's deciples.

The worship group taken pic on stage. Only Ekin, Si Yong and me were not there. Haha.

This event was held in Confucian High School. It is so nice.

We lead the worship at night. We went there around 5pm to have a short rehearsal. Thanks God for giving me this chance, and ready myself to lead as the drummer in the team.

This is my first time play on stage. I felt nervous at first place. But after the prayer, i felt much better and calm.

Besides that, the choir group also lead the worship after us.

The event end at 10 sumthing. Unfornately i din't bring my camera, some of the pics look blur.

After that, i went to the children section to help pastor to look after the children. There were also many youth group were helping. Pastor also told a story about Aylward. A strong woman who adopted 100 children.

God has the reason why He create us. He want us to do what He told us to do.

Very beautiful night view. Too bad its blur again. KL Tower.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Result Of Drama Day

Today I have done my drama assignment successfully. I am happy to team with Yihao, Shiely and Li Hua.

They are quite automatic when we come to serious. When we come to serious, then serious. When we come to play, we play like crazy. Haha.

My team get an A- for the scene play. Total we have 7 scene. It is about a father in a family.

Yihao as the father ( Michael ) has a happy family with a Shiely ( wife ) and a Li Hua ( son ). He has a good relationship with his lovely wife, and he care about his son as well.

One day he received a project by his Li Hua ( boss ). This project was in charge by me ( James ). M and J work hard to together like a team. But who know? J betrayed M. J was very evil, he stole M's idea to present to boss during the presentation.

J and M has a fight at the balcony, therefore, M still lose to J. In fact, that was only a scissor paper stone.

M went home sadly. His wife and son feel bad for him. But no matter what, family is still the best of all, they are the soul and strength of the father.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mooncake Festival Celebration In Fellowship

Yesterday was the Mooncake Festival. We have celebration in fellowship. Haiz, dunno what happen to all my pics, all goes blur.

First comes Pastor Lin, she know everything about chinese tea, she explain how to make tea and a lot to share with us about tea. So this is the " Jane Fang Tea House. "

When i walk by, i saw these bunch of food, it taste good, thats why it finish so fast. I ate few of it too.

After the food, i saw another store opposite the tea house. This store is more modern, it serve people with cocktail. Not bad, i can say. Most of the young people would come to this store. So this is the " Bar. "

But chinese tea is good for health, later on most of the people go there and wait for their turn to have a nice tea after they ate the mooncake. Haha.

Thanks God it has no rain and have a cooling night. We all do enjoyed it!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Busy Strikes Back

I am having short sem this term. Now its already half sem of it. So fast right?

Now it is the time when every lecturer wanna brief us the porject. It sounds challenging but yet scary. It will make everyone crazy and stress like going to be exhausted.

This coming week is when the project week begins. Haha, dunno what to do at this moment, I will just take it as it comes. Then do what i can to it.

I can't just surrender my life to this work because i have my own life too. Everyone will definitely meet their first time of doing everything, so do not afraid of it !

Gambateh and God Bless !!