Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Time In Neway

Today is my first time to Neway in One Utama. Usually i will go Redbox to sing karaoke.

I found that Neway is better than Redbox, for example, some of the song have lyrics in Neway but not in Redbox.

First of all, thanks to Peggy, she invited us to Neway. There is only Peggy, Daniel, Li Hui and myself. The microphones are enough for 4 of us. Haha.

We have a buffet lunch in Neway. After 3 hours of singing, we took some group photo and then dismiss.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

F1 Bahrain GP

Yesterday i watch this F1 Bahrain GP race on tv. Honestly, I watched the delay 1.

This race is like what Jerrica said, COOL. Seriously i don't feel boring during the race. Why?

First is because it was a dry weather, then many competiton among the driver which is the most interesting part. I found out something very funny, it was the scene where Barrichello wanted to overtake Piquet.

Piquet was blocking him, i saw Barrichello was point his palm towards Piquet, feel like Barrichello was saying " what the heck?! please go aside, don't block my way! " Haha.

By the way, I did enjoy the race. Haha. What a nice weather for the race but not for Malaysia, SO HOT !!

34 Degree Celcius !

Oh my god! Throughout this week, we have 34 degree celcius accompanied us in Malaysia, what the heck ?!

Everyday need to drink more than 8 glasses of water to survive, and keep yourself inside an air-con room.

Hope the rain will come soon, don't leave us too long under the hot sun... =)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Finally i feel so released in the brand new week. Haha.

In the afternoon, i get a lucky call from my Com Skills Lec, May Ann, she asked me to return my exam paper to sum1 in the office.

I get informed that i am not in the category of OTP. Thanks God. I was so worried about the OTP for these few days.

But i am still worried for my History and Malaysian Studies... Lets wait for the result...

Friday, April 17, 2009

End of Semester 1

My design for 50 cent's concert poster.

These are the posters that done by all of us in Dash2.

We rushed like hell in this morning. Everyone were so busy doing there final touch up. We only have 15 minutes to do it.

Today is a memorable day for me which i have done something...... Well, it has been settle down.

Therefore, today is the last day of lesson for us, we went to yam cha in Restaurant Ming Tien. See you guys in the holiday. Bye.

妥协 Tuo Xie

妥协 (tuo xie), by Jolin Tsai is a very nice song. Recomended to listen. =)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

End The Day In Redbox

After the test in the morning, we went to Redbox for a celebration of the end of sem 1.

Why we chose today because some of our classmates are going back to hometown in this weekend. Some of them comes from different places such as Kuantan and Penang.

We were extremely out of control, we made noise instead of singing. Haha. I think thats was fun. Well, i did enjoy myself and i felt much released.

We are going take a good rest in this few weeks time before we get into the war again. Haha. Keep it up everyone !!

Coconut In Charcoal

Yeah, i was so happy when i get this piece of charcoal assignment from Lec, CC. I get my best marks ever in TOA, which is A. Finally i get an A in my record. Thanks God.

Before this, i got a little bit improvement in my marks as well. In the Lec, JM's conclusion for us, she was satisfy about our improvement. She said our class Dash2 was the most interesting class compare to others class.

Today we have a charcoal test. In the beginning i was moodless to draw it, after a break, i continue my drawing until i completed the whole drawing.

Today's title was a little bit challenge for me, because we need to draw either pineapple or dragon fruit which we called it " dragon ball. " Haha, so funny.

Futhermore, we are going to do colouring still life in next term. Hope everthing will goes well.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The End of Figure Studies 1


self portrait on the first lesson.



Dunhill's model.

Today i have my final test for figure drawing. We have to draw it in 3 hours. Reference was provided by the lecturer.

After the test, CK return our "before and after artwork" to us. He brief us the conclusion for our figure studies. Before this he was very worried about our final result, but after that, he felt released after looking at our test.

By the way, thanks for his sharing and being my figure lecturer. He was a kind man. Haha.

After this, we have to work harder on the second semester because in figure studies 2 is more difficult. We have to observe the whole body anatomy.

Well, hope i am able to handle it... Leave it to God to lead me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pop Up > Final Outcome

This is my final project of finished art. Before this, i made a prototype for the experiment process.

Today, we were requested to do a presentation for this pop up. We need to explain everything about this pop up, what type of mechanism we use, what kind of difficulty faced by us, what is the theme for this pop up.....?

Well, i have successfully explained everything about my pop up. The theme is " My Dream House", with the spiral coils as the garden and the arrow as the flowers. There is a mountain behind the house, which has the sun and moon together as well.

I am glad that our Lecturer, William, was satisfied for our final project because he said this is quite successful. Haha.

Thanks God for giving me such inspiration.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

PC Fair 2009

Today i have a one day tour for PC Fair in KLCC. Wow, it was so crowded. I think there should be less ppl on yesterday.

Thanks for my friend, Alex, he invited me to go on today. We go there around afternoon 1pm, we went in hall by hall. The laptop was really cheap in PC fair. Finally, we get what we want and went home happily... Haha.

Exhibition Day

The first masterpice for reinvention, title, " The Meeting of Time."

The another masterpiece for advertising campaign, title " The Portrait of A Man with Mooncake."

In the afternoon, there was a exhibition for history project in the public. We were fully prepared before we present our very own artwork to Stephen. I am happy that Stephen likes our idea, just that there were some execution problem, because the visual language was quite difficult for the audience to understand.

For the advertising artwork, we have the same problem. We were advertise mooncake for the western, so Stephen suggest that the advertisement should be more chinese, because the western are curious about chinese, they want to find out more about it. Thanks God he lead us to the end of our exhibition.

After that, we wait in library until 5.30pm for the closing ceremony...

The group photo with our History Lecturer, Stephen. ^_^
And the last lesson for History of Art and Design 1.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pop Up > Prototype

This is my second project in finished art. I like this more than the first project. I found this is very interesting to see the pop up thing comes out from the paper.

I can learn the mechanism when i am doing the observation. The prototype do not look that nice because it is white in colour. I think it is a little bit boring. The paper material is too soft, make it cant stand properly.

I have confident that my final outcome will be better. Lets wait for it... =)

Mannequin Drawing

The mannequin drawing is very different from the figure drawing, especially the toning value. After i tried the first piece of mannequin drawing, i noticed that my shading is too dark.

After a reference from out tutor SS, i realised that i have to lighter my toning value. This is what i have learned in the mannequin drawing.

Yesterday i have my mannequin exam. We have to draw David in 4 hours. I think it is a little bit challenging for me. Haha. Hope i can get a good result for it. ^^