Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Complete Features

This is what i have learned in this morning. How to complete a ideal proportion with shading, hatching and cross hatching. There are a lot of technique we can use for shading the part on the face to make it look more 3D and more realistic.

Lecturer did a demostration for us. His work was impressive. Of course the lecturer can did something godlike because he is already teaching this subject for 12 years. If i want to achieve something like lecturer's artwork, may be after 12 years. Haha.

Well, this is the first piece for our assignment, we still need more practice so that we can get better result on the artwork. Besides that, we must also observe during the drawing, observe how is the shape of the face, the contour line on face, and the tiny detail cannot be miss out as well.

I need to do more practice on it and the most important is time arrangement. For a begginer, we might need 4 to 5 hours to done a portrait drawing. After that, it might be 3 to 4 hours, 2 to 3 housrs.

Thanks God for giving me strength to complete it. Wish me good luck...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Design 1, lesson 3

Today is lesson of design. Our lecturer Lily is quite strict, she will give an advise for you, for you to achieve a better result of your artwork. We hand up all our assignment on today, this is the final work of mine. I spent almost whole week to color it, same as the previous assignment, which is the design of dot, line and circle.

I thanks God for giving me such a good inspiration of how to color and design the artwork. I hope i can get a better result for it that i have put in effort to do it. For this assignment, it worth 15 marks, some of my friends get 11, some get 7. I think it is good if the figure is half of 15. So the total mark will be 30. Accumalate with all your previous assignment.

Lily and tutor have chosen some of the artwork and take it to somewhere which i do not know where is it. I hope that is something good... So i still don't know what is my result yet...

Therefore, I must pray hard, work hard, play hard... All for His glory.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Good try...

Today i have done my first presentation in The One. I am happy about myself because i have done a good preparation for it. I did spend some time on doing the research for the topic, and correct the grammer problem, and i was keep changing the draft, because i always think that is not good enough, therefore, May Ann told us, do not spend so much time doing changing and changing, just focus and practice your speech. So when the day have come, you will do well for your presentation.

I did a good job for that, but i still need improvement for it, nobody is perfect in this world, except for God. I din't bring along the note when i was presenting my presentation as well as tien, because i try to memorize all the content. Finally i did it. There were also many people dod well, i should from them whatever i don't have.

Thanks God for leading me in the day. All the glory for Him.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine Day 2009 !!

Happy Valentine Day !! First of all, thanks to xin yi, because she gave a lovely ferrero chocolate to everyone of us in class. Haha. Usually I din't celebrate valentine day, but it is different in this year, we celebrate it...

At night, we celebrate valentine day in church, we love people because God love us. Beside that, we learn a lot about love. There are more you can imagine what is love...

Always remember, I love you because this is my promise, my decision, I won't regret about it...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feel Good

Well, the 2nd day after the public holiday. I have get back my assigment once again, and the result was fulfill me, so far I haven't get any bad result, which mean lower than my demand. Hope i can did it better and get a better grade from before. But my picture is too light. Some of my friends, they did it darker, so it will look more attractive.

Today, we have a lesson for design 1, i have done 20 + 2 heads, which i do extra design for the heads. So, Lily has chosen 9 heads out of 22 heads. What we have to do is produce another piece or artwork with these heads, combine all of it, and adding color in. Haha, what a great challenge for me. Hope i can design something as good as what i have done for the 22 heads.

Anyway, thanks God to be with me all the time. Praise the Lord.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The long saturday~

Today we have computer graphic in the morning, actually its fun, but you have to absorb it very fast, because lecturer will explain the use of the tools very quickly. Unfortunately i am a little bit slow, i think i am the last 1 in the class, because most of them have done all the single assignment.

I have try my best to finish it, but the last picture, i have forgot what is the step to do it. Fine, then i just finished what i can do... hope i can get at least more than 5 marks for my assignment cuz lecturer said we will get 9 marks if finished everything with colour. Anyway, wish me good luck la...

Later, we have another history class. Hope i will enjoy the movie. Then write a good report for stephen...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

First result...

For Drawing 1 lesson, we did some forms drawing, learn how to construc a forms. i have took back my first assignment that contain marks in there. Well, i have get a B-, lecturer's comment for me was not bad, keep it up. Haha, ya i really have to keep it up and keep on trying to achieve a better result, better line effect.

Anyway, i want to congratulate to few of my friends, their artwork have been choosen by lecturer, i think they chose it as the top 5 or 10. Then lecturer will show it to the junior. Haha. I am admire their artwork, because they really did it well, as what lecturer had said, VERY GOOD !!

So, all the best to everyone of us in class 2 !!